Operation Manatee Lockdown 2: Pandemic Boogaloo

Good evening Manatee fans! There will not be a new show tonight because of the new Covid pandemic regulations. The wonderful folks at CJTR are helping curb the spread, but because of the regulations Chris and Cory can’t co-host in the studio live.

However, we’re working on a solution! Stay tuned and we hope to have new episode next week! Stay safe and wear your mask!

Operation Manatee #306 – Tired of Everything

I’ve had about enough of everything. How bout you?

I’m tired of talking about COVID, I’m tired of election crap, I’m tired of rampant stupidity, I’m tired of having to explain the basics of life and society to people, I’m tired that basic human decency still isn’t really a thing. Everyone, please just fuck all the way off!

Except you. You’re cool.

But all those other assholes out there? Hell with them!

Let’s just have a nice long toke, gaze at this relatively irrelevant picture of Mount Fuji, and enjoy some fucking cool music together, because god damn it! I just can’t handle much else right now.

1. Goldfinger – Wallflower
2. Quakers feat. Sampa The Great – Approach With Caution
3. Busta Rhymes feat. Kendrick Lamar – Look Over Your Shoulder
4. Sen Morimoto feat. Mercedes Gordon & Jordon Harris – Want To Dance
5. Lowell – Lemonade
6. We Are The City – Get Happy
7. Bad Buddy – Hunters
8. Jarina De Marco feat. Dylan Brady – Ilegales
9. Big Dumb Face – Blood Red Head On Fire
10. Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact
11. Fredy V & The Foundation – One Step
12. El-P – Accidents Don’t Happen

Operation Manatee #305 – In the Air…

It’s that time of year again when the spooks and the ghouls, the ghosts and the goblins all retreat from their hiding places to walk among us. But will they encounter anyone this year? The streets may be deader than the skeletons buried beneath them in the Halloween of Covid times.

Tune in at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or online, worldwide at http://www.cjtr.ca as Chris and Cory recap the week that has been and look forward to another week ahead.
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Operation Manatee #304 – Radiothon 2020!

Radiothon is happening once again and in 2020, CJTR needs your support more than ever! It’s been a weird year, but don’t let that distract you from the comfortable familiarity of Radiothon and pledging your support to your community voice!

Tonight, Chris and Cory will broadcast their Radiothon special with a full hour of women who rock, roll, bop, bap, slam, jam or do anything in the name of good music. October is also a month dedicated to the awareness of various forms of cancer, including a major killer of all women everywhere, breast cancer. So if you can spare some shekels, please donate to http://www.cjtr.ca and then go help out the fine folks at your local and favorite cancer charity.

Tune in at 11:00 pm tonight on 91.3 FM in the Regina area or online anywhere at http://www.cjtr.ca!

  1. Lizzo – Like A Girl
  2. Lido Pimienta – Eso Que Tu Haces (What You Do)
  3. Backxwash – Spells
  4. Amber Navran & Erin Bentlage – Golden Light
  5. Ellen Froese – Eden Spring & Summer 1975
  6. Kaeley Jade – Years Ago
  7. Fiona Apple – I Want You To Love Me
  8. Daniela Andrade – Gallo Pinto
  9. Kelis – Jerk Ribs
  10. covet – atreyu

Operation Manatee #303

Stay up late and listen to some music with us.

  1. William Shatner – I Put A Spell On You
  2. Jody Glenham – Friday Night Lights
  3. Colter Wall – Big Iron
  4. Astrid Engberg – Tulpa
  5. Portugal, The Man – Who’s Gonna Stop Me?
  6. EABS – The Lady With The Golden Stockings (The Golden Lady)
  7. Clipping – Blood Of The Fang
  8. Tvii Son – Am I
  9. Comeback Kid – Reality Is A Ride On The Bus
  10. The White Swan – Purple

Operation Manatee #302

Have to stay up late?

Choose to?

Knackered but just can’t shut your mind off?

We’re here for you.

From 11:00 to midnight, anyway.

91.3 FM in Regina. cjtr.ca everywhere.

  1. IDLES – War
  2. Dead Cross – My Perfect Prisoner
  3. Fidlar – Get Off My Rock
  4. Lex Amor – Mazza
  5. Jessie Reyez – Imported
  6. Merky Waters – Thank U
  7. Aliocha – Naked
  8. J.Pool – Yohana
  9. The Smashing Pumpkins – The Color Of Love
  10. Jean Grae – PLANES: The Trilogy
  11. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Straws In The Wind

Operation Manatee #301

Yeah, sure. Times are tough and all, but is there ever a lot of good music being released! Damn!

Tune in from 11 to midnight, 91.3 FM in Regina or this brand new CJTR website to listen.

  1. Melted Bodies – Ad People
  2. Sault – Stop Dem
  3. Junia T – Ooowee
  4. Flore Laurentienne – Cendrillon
  5. Ryan Hemsworth – All These Dreams
  6. Sango & VHOOR – Mais do que Nunca
  7. Mariachi El Bronx – Loteria
  8. Andrew Judah – Burn It Down
  9. Thundercat – black Quals
  10. The Diabolical Liberties – Sliders
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