Operation Manatee Music Prize: Top 5 Albums of 2020

I won’t go on about what we already know about this year. I’m just grateful for the absolutely mindblowing amount of incredible music that was released. For this year’s long list, I just put an arbitrary cap of 50 on it, because I just couldn’t dedicate the time necessary to include every great recording I’ve heard this year.

Which leads me to the top 5 – those revered few that stood way out and were on heavy rotation, despite my ever-evolving mix of new tunes.

Ladies and gentlemen, without more needless rambling, please allow me to present: The Top 5 Albums of 2020!
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Operation Manatee #324

Hey guys….. hey… guys….. man…… hey guys…….

Yeah, we know it’s actually April 27, but we recorded this episode on 4/20. Hopefully your 4/20 was fantastic and is maybe still going on… this will catch you at just the right time.

Keep on, keepin’ on… pass the dutchie on the left side… then back to the right… puff and pass… always tune in to the SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGG!!! 91.3 FM in Regina.

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Operation Manatee #323

We are all the void. The void is all of us… our music show is the best in the void. You must keep tuning in to the void… Listen to the best show… In. The. Void.

Yikes.. the weeks have really taken a toll on our sanity. Don’t worry, we’ll get through another week as we try to get through another lockdown… and another lockdown… and another lockdown…

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Operation Manatee #320 – Without a Title

Things are getting squirrelly in the voids… But luckily we still get new music to entertain ourselves. Now generally, we don’t care about any awards that aren’t the Polaris Music Prize, but this year’s Grammy awards saw one of our favorite artists – Thundercat – win an award. Kudos to Mr. T-cat!!

Tune in for the rest of the hijinx and hi-fi recording at 11:00 pm on CJTR.ca or 91.3 FM for the terrestrial radios!

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Operation Manatee #319 – Happy Birthday!

We don’t usually celebrate our show’s anniversary, especially not as often as we should. But this week, we’re going to take the opportunity to share that we’ve been on the air for 8 WHOLE YEARS now! And to celebrate, we’re going to re-create our original show and replay the same songs we started with!

Enjoy! And happy birthday to us!

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Operation Manatee #318 – Return of the King

Another Tuesday is here and we’re still rocking out in our voids, respecting social distancing and provincial health regulations! But that will never stop us from bringing you the great new sounds of the summer and things are beginning to heat on up!

Tune in again at 11:00 pm on CJTR, 91.3 FM or online at http://www.cjtr.ca!

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