WTF?! A Night Off Already?

Hey y’all.

After learning about a nearby case of COVID-19 (not at CJTR, thankfully), we are taking extra precautionary measures and staying home to monitor.

Likely, everything is cool. We’re just playing it extra safe.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Follow us on Twitter (@OpManatee) for any updates.

Operation Manatee #301

Yeah, sure. Times are tough and all, but is there ever a lot of good music being released! Damn!

Tune in from 11 to midnight, 91.3 FM in Regina or this brand new CJTR website to listen.

  1. Melted Bodies – Ad People
  2. Sault – Stop Dem
  3. Junia T – Ooowee
  4. Flore Laurentienne – Cendrillon
  5. Ryan Hemsworth – All These Dreams
  6. Sango & VHOOR – Mais do que Nunca
  7. Mariachi El Bronx – Loteria
  8. Andrew Judah – Burn It Down
  9. Thundercat – black Quals
  10. The Diabolical Liberties – Sliders

Operation Manatee #300 – BACK AT IT LIKE A CRACK ADDICT*


Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen. You heard correctly! We are back on the air for the first time since the world went to shit and damn it feels good to be back!

Despite everything (actually, often because of it), there has been a huge amount of new music coming out, and we can’t wait to share a bit of it with you.

Tune in from 11:00 to midnight. 91.3 FM in Regina or the CJTR app around the world.

*This is a lyric from a Run The Jewels track. Do not do crack, please.

  1. Refused – Liberation Frequency
  2. Pierre Kwenders feat Jacobus – Mardi Gras
  3. The Aquabats – No One Wants To Party
  4. Free Radicals feat. Genesis Blu & Jasmine Christine – Chariot Rock
  5. Sex Machine Octopus – Misty Fog
  6. Curumin – Tudo Bem Malandro (Ennio Styles Remix)
  7. Run The Jewels feat. Pharrell Williams & Zach De La Rocha – Ju$t
  8. WHOOP-Szo – Gerry
  9. The Real McKenzies – 36 Barrels
  10. IGORRR – Very Noise
  11. Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop – Mobile

We’re Baaaaaack

Ladies & Gentlemen, I don’t need to tell you that things have been messed up.

What I do need to tell you is that one small piece of normalcy is coming back to the airwaves of Regina!

Operation Manatee will be back in the studio, live on-air, for the long-awaited 300th Show, next Tuesday, September 15, 11:00 PM, 91.3 FM in Regina or the CJTR app, around the world.

Stay tuned for more info.

Operation Covid-19

While Chris and Cory do not confirm FEAR of the pandemic gripping the world, they both acknowledge that when you do a show late at night and then have to get up early the next morning to adult, it can lead to various conditions related to getting run down which snowballs into full blown panic mode…

So at this time, we at Operation Manatee are taking a week by week policy to gauge the current climate and determine when we can make a safe and triumphant return to the airwaves.

Until then… we’ll just keep planning for the big episode 300 extravaganza! Stay tuned and stay healthy everyone!

Operation Manatee #299 – What’s all this?

It’s rare something sneaks up under the wire, but take a look at this…

Well… we mean, you should LISTEN to this… so tune in at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at and we’ll talk it over.

Let’s take imaginary, internet bets with all the internet points you can muster.

What… is…. this?
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Operation Manatee #298 – Here Comes The Big Chief!

Yeah, it’s hard to be festive up here in the cold Canadian prairies on Mardi Gras, but we can still celebrate in a small way.

Tonight, amongst the usual assortment of top-of-mind radio (basically just a bunch of really cool, semi-carefully curated music you might want to know about), expect one or two little shouts to Mardi Gras!

Iko Iko!

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Operation Manatee #297 – Dear friends, have you heard?

This is the greatest thing ever… the best news since the slicing of bread in pre-packaged bags.

Just what, are you asking yourselves? Well have you been hiding under rocks for the last week?

How about you tune in at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at and Chris and Cory will educate you in such matters. ‘Tis a deal. Speak at you then!
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