Operation Manatee #368

Two in a row is always an accomplishment these days!

We’re on the air, live at 11:00 pm in Regina or online at http://www.cjtr.ca/listen. You can catch us doing the radio thing – we play the music, we thank the sponsors, we try not to fall asleep and most importantly, we try to put the words in a witty order as engaging as we can!

Now THAT’s a hype line!

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Operation Manatee #365: We Folked, It Was A Fest

  1. Captain Wildchild – Fantasy
  2. The New Pornographers – Letter From An Occupant
  3. Cobra Man – Cool, Nice
  4. Sylvan Esso – Sunburn
  5. Gorillaz feat Thundercat – Cracker Island
  6. Buunshin feat. Obese – Man Know
  7. Blackgold – Ain’t Going Out Like That
  8. Cadence Weapon – Black Hand
  9. Thinktank – Peony Moon
  10. Graveshadow – Gwynnbleidd
  11. GWAR – Berzerker Mode

Operation Manatee Presents: Regina Folk Festival Survival Guide 2022

Whew! It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these.

Live music is back and I couldn’t be happier that that includes RFF! I’ll be there, in the park, probably for the whole thing. Actually, both us manatees will be there. More on that at the end.

For now, I’m just happy that we can get together an enjoy this great little festival again! The New Pornographers! Lido Pimienta! Cadence Weapon! William Prince! Begonia! All in our back yard? I mean, come on!

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Operation Manatee #363

Hey! Lookathat! We recorded from home for this show. Been a minute since we dun that. Not sure why I’m typin likathis, but whatevs.

Anyway, tune in and listen to some cool shit, yeah? There’s some Montreal Jazz Fest picks from Chris, some CJTR Garage Sale stuff from Cory and a healthy dose of other cool stuff. You listen pleasemkay?

  1. Planet Smashers – Kung Fu Master
  2. Holy Wars – Bolt to the Head
  3. Knower – When You’re Ugly
  4. Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside
  5. YellowStraps – Take Over
  6. wizthemc – Premature Love
  7. The Constantines – Arizona
  8. Rot TV – Ready To Big
  9. Medicine Singers – Sunrise (Rumble)
  10. Bridge City Sinners – Unholy Hymns
  11. NNAMD├Ć – I Don’t Wanna Be Famous
  12. Nychillharmonic – I Don’t Even Want It

Operation Manatee #362 – BC Invasion

A very special episode tonight on Operation Manatee. With Chris still on vacation, Cory has reached out to an old friend to put together a show that spans Western Canada.

Tune in tonight at 11:00 pm (MST)/10:00 pm (PST) on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at http://www.cjtr.ca/live online.

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Operation Manatee #361

What’s this? I don’t know… nothing has to make sense anymore. Simply, it’s probably just an age verification image for us old fogeys…

But tonight is Tuesday and you know what that means… tacos! Lots of tacos. And us – we’re on the radio again tonight. 11:00 pm, 91.3 FM on the Regina radio dial or online at http://www.cjtr.ca!

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