Operation Manatee Music Prize: Top 5 Albums of 2021

A little later than I was planning, but please allow me to present to you: the Operation Manatee Music Prize: Top 5 Albums of 2021!

Not unlike 2020, this year had so much great new music, it was mindblowing! I have never listened to more new music in my life than during this damned pandemic! Thanks to all the artists who turned it up while the world tried to figure out wtf to do with life. You have made this shitstorm slightly more bearable.

As always, with so much great music being released, there were at least 10 other albums that could have just as easily made it to this list, with another 20 not far behind, but a line must be drawn and so here are 5 exceptional albums that, despite always listening to something new, I found myself going back to for repeat listens. I highly recommend purchasing a copy of each of these albums for yourself. Support artists and get something cool!

Here we go…

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Operation Manatee #347

It’s another Tuesday in January on the Prairies and you know what that means; SNOW STORM! It doesn’t even have to be a Tuesday for a storm… it can be any day that ends in “Y” around here.

Hopefully you’re staying dug out and warm as we toll through the winter. And at 11:00 pm on a Tuesday, you better be! It’s a school night gal’sarnit!

Tune in on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at http://www.cjtr.ca!

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Operation Manatee #346

Hey we’re back.. back again!

We meant to find our way back to the station a week ago, but it was just so cold… holiday hibernation had to last one week longer.

But we’re gracing the airwaves with our first new show of 2022 tonight at 11:00 pm (CST)! Remember, it’s 91.3 FM if you’re in range of Regina or http://www.cjtr.ca if you wanna listen online!

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Operation Manatee #345

It’s near the end of another December and you’ve been listening to holly-jolly bullcrap all month. So what better to power out the year than by joining Chris and Cory on their annual “Black Christmas” episode. A full hour of heavy metal and dark, angry tunes to return balance to your airwaves.

Tune in at 11:00 pm; 91.3 FM in Regina or online at http://www.cjtr.ca

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Operation Manatee #344

But what does it all mean? Is it time for the annual, year-end brawl to determine the bests of the bests – 2021 style?

It might be… but you’ll have to tune into 91.3 FM in Regina to hear Chris and Cory sort it all out. Or they won’t… OH! And you can listen later on http://www.cjtr.ca and find our past episodes!

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Operation Manatee #343

It’s the last day of November 2021… and as a new variant threatens the pandemic world with yet another wave and more lockdowns, we continue to bring you the audio-distraction you need to enjoy your holiday season.

Only one month left this year; let’s make it a good one! You can begin by tuning in at 11:00 pm (CST) tonight on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at http://www.cjtr.ca.

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Ok, this one isn’t totally our fault! Obviously, the Gods of the Old Country have decided to let loose the snow and wind of the norths and pelt our province with our first snow storm of the season. ‘Tis not fit for man nor beast nor elder God…

Plus… last we checked… the station’s power is also out…

Take care tonight and stay warm! We’ll be back next week, weather forboding!

Off Practicin’

We are off tonight due to last minute practicing and jamming as Chris’ side-hustle, The Lincoln Loggers, get ready for their triumphant return to live performances tomorrow night! You should go and see them!

Wednesday, November 10 at Bushwakker. Guaranteed shots on Chris!!*

*Not an actual guarantee…maybe…depending how many shots he’s had first…

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