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What Cory’s Looking Forward to in 2013 (Until at least April…)

5. Magneta Lane
4. How to Destroy Angels
3. Atoms for Peace
2. Tool
1. Sparta

Unlike Chris, I felt that posting my “best of 2012” wouldn’t be doing the music world justice. I’m not really sure just how much new music I’ve listened to from last year. Most of the music I listened to last year was likely from 2010 or 2011… sprinkled into a heavy dose of the “classics”… you remember, the late 90’s.

So while I now try to get back on the horse and remain a little current in my listening habits, I thought it might be a better idea to look ahead to what’s coming out this year that I could be excited about. The only difficulty I found was that the music world doesn’t feel the need to broadcast it’s release dates quite as far in advance as the rest of the entertainment industry (ie, movies). I’m sure there will be much more that I’ll be looking forward to as the year trots along, but from what I could find as “upcoming” these were the ones that caught my eye.

5. Magneta Lane
Magneta Lane
While guesting hosting on Chris’ “What Planet is This?!” I wanted to play these lovely Canadian ladies, but couldn’t fit them into the right spot. Recently, I’ve heard they are planning a new full length CD and just released an EP produced by a couple of the boys of Finger Eleven – one of my all time favorite bands – so I’m looking foward to hearing how they influence a pretty unique sounding trio.

4. How to Destroy Angels
How to Destroy Angels
If you’re familiar with one Mr. Trent Reznor, you may have already heard of this but this is his most recent project collaboration with his wife, amongst others. This moody, dark, electronic-based group should definitely tide anyone over waiting for new Nine Inch Nails (2014.. maybe) but should also find a group of new fans and curious music-afficienados alike. March 5, 2013 is when this one drops.

3. Atoms for Peace
Atoms for Peace
A new “supergroup” that instantly has my attention with members Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their debut album will be out Feb 25, 2013, but the first official video has already debuted on their website –

2. Tool***
I’m slightly hesitant to include Maynard and crew on this list just because as a recording band they have never been one for conventional release deadlines, updates, structures, time signatures… but if early indications are indeed true this album alone could have iced the “2013-in-Music” cake…

Until I heard about number one…

This band has been one of my favorites since At the Drive In crashed in a pile of cymbals and bitter angst. Jim Ward, Matt Miller, Paul Hinojos and Tony Hajjar moved forward and formed a band (the BETTER of the two bands that resulted) that helped guide me through my late teens and early 20’s. To be honest, I only recently heard of this album coming out… and I’ll honestly admit it may not come out this year. They have just started back in the studio but as I mentioned in the beginning, release dates are never really nailed down. I’m optimistically enthused to the point of giddiness that this will be availble before the next new year!!

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