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Operation Manatee: Fill-In Show #2, Featuring Skavenjah!

Cory and Chris are filling in at your very own Regina Community Radio once again. Be sure to tune in TODAY (Sunday) from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM for some great music, including a spotlight on local ska legends Skavenjah!

Hour the First (There can only be one)
1. Murder by Death – Brother
2. Skavenjah – One More Soul
3. No Doubt – Excuse Me Mr.
4. Lunch at Allen’s – Six Teams in the NHL
5. Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today
6. Sparta – La Cerca
7. Minus the Bear – Knights
8. Ninjaspy – Evolution of the Skid
9. Guitar Wolf – Can-nana Fever
10. Death from Above 1979 – Blood on our Hands
11. Jimi Hendrix – Rock Me Baby (BB King Cover)
12. Magneta Lane – Daggers Out!
13. Incubus – I Wish You Were Here

Thanks for listening to our abbreviated Operation Manatee! Have a great Sunday… until we speak at you again!

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