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Operation Manatee Official Show #1, Suckas! 11:00 PM, Tonight.

Saul Williams
Saul Williams

That’s right, as long promised (threatened?), we @OpManatee have our own precious little piece of Heaven here on Regina’s best community radio station! Starting this very night from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM, you can hear us play a no doubt riveting selection of some of our favourite tunes.

Stay up late with us and tune in at 11:00 tonight for a good time, or at least something cool to listen to that won’t bore you to tears at that hour!

The Refused – Liberation Frequency
The Faint – Fish In A Womb
Man Man – The Fog Or China
Finger Eleven – Above
Gojira – l’enfant Sauvage
I Mother Earth – One More Astronaut
MC Chris – Hoodie Ninja
Vince DiCola – Autobots vs. Decepticons
The Flatliners – The World’s Smallest Violin
The Classy Chasys – Wreckless
Dangermouse & Sparklehorse – Angel’s Harp

2 thoughts on “Operation Manatee Official Show #1, Suckas! 11:00 PM, Tonight.

  1. Reblogged this on What Planet Is This?! and commented:
    New show on Regina Community Radio to start tonight at 11:00 PM. They’ve filled in a couple of times and sound great! The one guy, Chris, seems like a bit of a jerk, but Cory seems cool enough and the music is bad ass! Stay up late for this one. It will definitely be worth it!


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