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Operation Manatee #3: Feeling (S-)Mashy


Luckily, Cory didn’t break the CJTR feed last week so here we come again.. another Tuesday night, another Operation Manatee coming for your ear-holes!

Last week we got a little electronic-happy. Not that it’s a bad thing, but too much electro makes Cory something-something… every intent was being prepared to bring the hammer down this week, to be loud, abrasive and unashamed!

But that’s not likely about to happen. Tune in tonight (or tomorrow’s recording) to find out just how it all mashes together!

1. Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined
2. Shout Out Out Out – Procrastinator’s Fight Song
3. Mute Math – You Are Mine
4. The Rise – An Automated Response If You Will
5. Method Of Defiance – Pattern Engine
6. Subb – Home Is Where The Heart Aches
7. Pom Deter – Call Me A Hole
8. Pallomember – Post Organic Sabatoge
9. Thunderheist – Nothing 2 Step 2
10. Minus The Bear – Knights (P.O.S. Remix)
11. Planet Smashers – Skate Or Die
12. I Fight Dragons – Crazie$

Operation Manatee – Episode 3
PS – There was an internet hiccup when we recorded this, so there`s about 15-20 minutes missing. Let`s just blame Chris…

One thought on “Operation Manatee #3: Feeling (S-)Mashy

  1. Just following up on a side note:

    We talked really briefly during the show about heavy music and aggression; I mentioned that metal fans tend to be introverted. I’ll have to look further to see if I can find some in-depth, academic publications on the topic, but a Google search did come up with a couple of very brief examples with a small number of sources cited. Here’s one that I came by:

    I wonder if it has anything to do with living aggression vicariously through aggressive music. That’s just a hunch, mind you. Again, I’ve nothing very stable in front of me on which to base this at this time, but I have heard, repeatedly, that people who listen to heavy music like that tend to be gentler than you might expect.

    Then again, there’s the Dimebag Darrell incident:

    It seems unlikely that a brutal event like this would have happened at a London Symphony Orchestra performance, for example.


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