Operation Manatee #6: Junos, Japan, Juicy Jabberwocky!


With the Junos recently passed, we figured it might be nice to give an appropriate nod to the long-time Canadian award and music series. After fighting over which Beebs tune is the best, we pared down a few Juno-related favs that we think you’ll enjoy. We also agreed on a few ground rules including the following:

1. No Beebs tune is better than another.
2. No Beebs tune should be played on OpMan.
3. No Operation Manatee host will be able to stop the other from playing Beebs if he is away.

It wont all be about that, though. There will be a strong collection of the usual fun things. Kind of like that CD you have – you know the one – that fell behind your CD shelf and has been housing a family of spiders for the last 8 years, and you forgot it existed, but when you found it you were all like, “HOLY CRAP! I remember this! This is the best CD I ever owned! I need to listen to this RIGHT NOW or my head will explode!”

Stuff like that.

Tune in tonight from 11:00 to midnight or we will broadcast NUDE! Wait…… no.

1. Deerhoof – To Fly Or Not To Fly
2. Dragpipe – Simple Minded
3. Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
4. Shonen Knife – Blitzkrieg Bop
5. Metric – Hustle Rose
6. Woods of Ypres – Lighting and Snow
7. Drain STH – Crack The Liar’s Smile
8. Cancer Bats – Rally The Wicked
9. Hannah Georgas – Robotic
10. Devo – Head Like A Hole
11. She Wants Revenge – Out Of Control
12. Goldfrapp – Crystalline Green

Operation Manatee – Episode 6

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