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Operation Manatee #10: So… That Means It’s Now Summer, Right?

Is it summer yet?
Is it summer yet?

Like everyone else in the Regina area, I lept towards the barbecue at the first sign of warmth (-15 counts as warm, you know) this season. Now that it’s more or less perpetually warm enough to be standing out by the grill, and one decent explosion and new barbecue purchase later, I’ve been spending a lot of time by the grill – homemade margarita or whatever in-hand. I don’t know about you, but barbecuing just begs for music. Personally, I (Chris) will barbecue to anything from reggae or afrobeat to dubstep or hip hop, but I think most people in our neck of the woods would generally agree that barbecuing is best done with a little bit of heavy rock nearby. Something about meat and distorted guitars. I don’t know. It’s just great.

Even though we’re not on the air until 11:00 PM, don’t let that disuade you from firing up that grill and turning on some tunes. Time of day has little bearing on delicious grilled food or when you choose to listen to your favourite program on CJTR. Warm up that grill at 10:45 and start cooking with Operation Manatee from 11:00 to midnight.

1. Sloan – Money City Maniacs
2. Be Your Own Pet – Super Soaked
3. The Beards – You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man
4. No Doubt – Happy Now?
5. Noise Therapy – 1,2,3,4
6. Tom Waits – Hoist That Rag
7. Skavenjah – Relax
8. Magneta Lane – Burn
9. Stone Temple Pilots – Out Of Time
10. Dishwalla – Charlie Brown’s Parents
11. The Cat Empire – Brighter Than Gold

Operation Manatee – Episode 10

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