Operation Manatee #11: Operation Man-saic 2013

A two-hour special on #OpMan taking you around the world in time for #Mosaic2013 in #yqr. Everything from German dancehall/ska to Korean black metal and even Pow Wow dubstep! Fuck, we’re cool!

Mo Riding Manatee

Ladies and Gentlemanatees… Boys and Girls… We present… a super special episode of Operation Manatee tonight!

As mentioned last week, tonight Chris and Cory are going to pay homage to the annual Mosaic festival in Regina with music from around the world. We’ve spent the week scouring for music associated with the pavilions on display as part of Mosaic 2013 and will serve up a tasting of how the world rocks, rolls or just makes noise depending on your point of view. In fact, it’s SOOOO special that we’re even starting early this week and going for TWO FULL HOURS!!

That’s right! Tune in tonight at 10:00 PM and listen along as we present Man-saic!

This is the hour that is the first hour:
1. VioleTT Pi – Fleur de Londres
2. Reação Em Cadeia – Inferno
3. Robin & The Backstabbers – Sat Dupa Sat
4. Delhi 2 Dublin – Tommy
5. Gooral – Karczmareczka
6. Moveis Coloniais De Acaju – Raul
7. A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow
8. Los Peores De Chile – Loco de Amor
9. Seeed – Release
10. The Burns Unit – Send Them Kids To War
11. Ester Rada – Life Happen

This is the hour that is the second hour, fancy that:
12. Vassline – New World Awaits
13. Ektomorf – Black Flag
14. Tol – Flag
15. Visions Of Atlantis – New Dawn
16. Fire Wind – World On Fire
17. Nomadic Massive – Say The Least
18. Blitz The Ambassador – Breathe
19. Kobo Town – Waiting By The Sea
20. Parka Ni Edgar – Akala
21. Alex Cuba – Si Pero No
22. Aurelio – Bisien Nu

Operation Manatee – Episode 11

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