Operation Manatee #15: Epic Rap Battle… To The Death

Cory and Chris throw down @CJTR – Epic Rap Battle 2013. Who do you think won this battle for street cred and papers?

Better Late than Never… Right?

Cory has been a bad, bad boy… well, mostly a lazy boy.¬† I’ve been recording and updating the recorded shows, but I just haven’t uploaded them to our hosting site or link them here… BUT… I have now!! Check out our¬†Recorded Episodes page (up at the top of the home page) to listen to episodesContinue reading “Better Late than Never… Right?”

Operation Manatee #14: The Summer Solstice Episode

Team #OpMan goes crazy and plays a bunch of neat stuff. Also, Cory enters a moment of blind rage as Chris plays Kanye West. It’s kind of fun!

Operation Manatee #13: The One Where Chris Keeps His Pants On

With Cory away, Chris goes insane with power, playing non rock things like KNOWER and PDF Format. It’s actually pretty cool.

Nine Inch Nails And Why I Hereby Declare Him Great

Nine Inch Nails has been around for a while now and he just gets better. This is Chris’ really brief look at what makes NIN/Trent Reznor pretty fucking cool.

Operation Manatee #12: All of the noise noise noise noise NOISE N-O-I-S-E!

Cory and Chris take things a little more laid-back this week, laying off the ultra-heavy stuff – and the acid.

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