Operation Manatee #13: The One Where Chris Keeps His Pants On

With Cory away, Chris goes insane with power, playing non rock things like KNOWER and PDF Format. It’s actually pretty cool.


Join Chris tonight as he talks and types about himself in third-person, making for a generally really annoying experience.

Naw, just kidding. I’m going to be flying solo tonight as Cory is out of the studio, possibly doing/selling/making drugs.*

With Cory out of the way, be prepared for the most horrifying episode of OpMan, yet. Maybe dubstep, maybe hip hop, maybe heavy-rock-meets-free-jazz, maybe even pop/rock. Maybe. Only one way to find out. Stay up late with me and tune in from 11:00 to midnight. As always, follow @OpManatee for updates.

*Please note that neither Chris nor CJTR or Radius Communications or any of its programmers, affiliates or listeners advocate the use of illicit substances. Cory does though. He’s a fiend for that stuff.

1. Gutbucket – Head Goes Thud
2. Bachelor Machines – Take My Picture
3. PDF Format – Waiting For MIDI
4. Operation Impact – Physical Features
5. Gnarls Barkley – Just A Thought
6. Hide – Rocket Dive
7. Thunderheist – Space Cowboy
8. KNOWER – Time Traveler
9. Fur Eel – Chameleon Girl
10. Tomahawk – Totem
11. Arctic Monkeys – If You Were There, Beware
12. Said The Whale – Emerald Lake, AB
13. Operation Impact – Jesus (Why’d You Kill My Brother)

Operation Manatee – Episode 13

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