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Operation Manatee #13: The One Where Chris Keeps His Pants On


Join Chris tonight as he talks and types about himself in third-person, making for a generally really annoying experience.

Naw, just kidding. I’m going to be flying solo tonight as Cory is out of the studio, possibly doing/selling/making drugs.*

With Cory out of the way, be prepared for the most horrifying episode of OpMan, yet. Maybe dubstep, maybe hip hop, maybe heavy-rock-meets-free-jazz, maybe even pop/rock. Maybe. Only one way to find out. Stay up late with me and tune in from 11:00 to midnight. As always, follow @OpManatee for updates.

*Please note that neither Chris nor CJTR or Radius Communications or any of its programmers, affiliates or listeners advocate the use of illicit substances. Cory does though. He’s a fiend for that stuff.

1. Gutbucket – Head Goes Thud
2. Bachelor Machines – Take My Picture
3. PDF Format – Waiting For MIDI
4. Operation Impact – Physical Features
5. Gnarls Barkley – Just A Thought
6. Hide – Rocket Dive
7. Thunderheist – Space Cowboy
8. KNOWER – Time Traveler
9. Fur Eel – Chameleon Girl
10. Tomahawk – Totem
11. Arctic Monkeys – If You Were There, Beware
12. Said The Whale – Emerald Lake, AB
13. Operation Impact – Jesus (Why’d You Kill My Brother)

Operation Manatee – Episode 13

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