Operation Manatee #15: Epic Rap Battle… To The Death

Cory and Chris throw down @CJTR – Epic Rap Battle 2013. Who do you think won this battle for street cred and papers?

Operation Manatee Rap Battle
Operation Manatee Rap Battle

Consumed by the flame that started with last week’s spark over playing a Kanye West track on a typically rock-based program, Cory and Chris’ gloves are coming off! In days past, we would have simply gone for a good, old-fashioned bar brawl or back-alley knife fight, but we decided to settle things like gentlemen this time: pistols, dawn. But before that, we’re throwing down at CJTR.

We each have an assortment of our favourite rap/hip-hop tracks for your consideration. East coast, west coast, dirty south and great white north, all represent.

Stay up late with us from 11:00 to midnight and be sure to let us know who’s winning the battle! Follow along @OpManatee.

And don’t forget to come check out the pistol fight, tomorrow at dawn.

1. Maestro Fresh Wes – Let Your Backbone Slide (CC &CP)
2. Adam Bomb – Boom n Pound (CP)
3. Dan The Automator – Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact (CC)
4. Jay-Z & DJ Dangermouse – Encore (CP)
5. Cypress Hill – Illusions (CC)
6. Moka Only – The Tighten Up (CC)
7. R Kelly – Ignition (CP)
8. Vic Mensa – Orange Juice (CP)
9. D-Sisive – No More Words (CC)
10. Ian Kamau – North America (CP)
11. Chris & Cory – Freestyle (CC) <–Insane amount of bonus points to CC for making up beats and and rhymes on the spot!
12. Kyle – Pickle (CP)
13. Choclair – Let's Ride (CC)

CC = Picked by Chris
CP = Picked by Cory

Operation Manatee – Episode 15

19 thoughts on “Operation Manatee #15: Epic Rap Battle… To The Death”

  1. I’m going on the record right now in saying that I’m far from a “rap expert”… but I know what’s better than Kayne and that’s what I plan to showcase…


  2. I decided against my instincts to just bring the entire Kanye West discography, just to torture Cory. Instead, I will be bringing some sweet new and old school that I too feel will be better than Kanye, if such a thing is really possible.


  3. So apparently you have some kind of vote going on here as to who had better taste in rap/hip hop? I’m going to have to side with Chris! I found the show really entertaining last night, keep it up guys.


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