Operation Manatee #15: Epic Rap Battle… To The Death

Operation Manatee Rap Battle
Operation Manatee Rap Battle

Consumed by the flame that started with last week’s spark over playing a Kanye West track on a typically rock-based program, Cory and Chris’ gloves are coming off! In days past, we would have simply gone for a good, old-fashioned bar brawl or back-alley knife fight, but we decided to settle things like gentlemen this time: pistols, dawn. But before that, we’re throwing down at CJTR.

We each have an assortment of our favourite rap/hip-hop tracks for your consideration. East coast, west coast, dirty south and great white north, all represent.

Stay up late with us from 11:00 to midnight and be sure to let us know who’s winning the battle! Follow along @OpManatee.

And don’t forget to come check out the pistol fight, tomorrow at dawn.

1. Maestro Fresh Wes – Let Your Backbone Slide (CC &CP)
2. Adam Bomb – Boom n Pound (CP)
3. Dan The Automator – Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact (CC)
4. Jay-Z & DJ Dangermouse – Encore (CP)
5. Cypress Hill – Illusions (CC)
6. Moka Only – The Tighten Up (CC)
7. R Kelly – Ignition (CP)
8. Vic Mensa – Orange Juice (CP)
9. D-Sisive – No More Words (CC)
10. Ian Kamau – North America (CP)
11. Chris & Cory – Freestyle (CC) <–Insane amount of bonus points to CC for making up beats and and rhymes on the spot!
12. Kyle – Pickle (CP)
13. Choclair – Let's Ride (CC)

CC = Picked by Chris
CP = Picked by Cory

Operation Manatee – Episode 15

19 thoughts on “Operation Manatee #15: Epic Rap Battle… To The Death

  1. I’m going on the record right now in saying that I’m far from a “rap expert”… but I know what’s better than Kayne and that’s what I plan to showcase…


  2. I decided against my instincts to just bring the entire Kanye West discography, just to torture Cory. Instead, I will be bringing some sweet new and old school that I too feel will be better than Kanye, if such a thing is really possible.


  3. So apparently you have some kind of vote going on here as to who had better taste in rap/hip hop? I’m going to have to side with Chris! I found the show really entertaining last night, keep it up guys.


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