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Operation Manatee #16: My Canadian Bits Are Tingling

Canada Guitar
Well, it was Canada Day yesterday. Not a big deal for some, a really big deal for others. Here at OpMan, we mostly just look at it as a good excuse to play a bunch of great Canadian music.

And why not? There’s no shortage of great Canadian music. CRTC requires that at least 33% of what we hear on Canadian radios is Canadian Content. Because of this, we often get lost in a sea of of perpetual aural sludge as stations quickly find out what sells and just play it on repeat because it’s easier than digging to find better music or more variety that isn’t as popular.

Thank everyone’s various gods for Community Radio! We’re lucky in Regina (like most major centers) to have an option that is far less guided by the pop charts and based much more on programmer’s eagerness to show off cool music that you may not have heard before.

Tune in tonight from 11:00 to midnight for a selection of Canadian music that you could not possibly hear anywhere else in Regina. We promise.

1. KRNFX & Maiko – Oh Canada
2. MSTRKRFT feat. Lil Mo – It Ain’t Love
3. Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)
4. Shotgun Jimmie – King Of Kreuzburg
5. The Headstones – Long Way To Neverland
6. Apostle Of Hustle – Animal Fat
7. Our Lady Peace – Everyone’s A Junkie
8. Holly McNarland – The Box
9. Shad with Scratch Bastid & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Classic
10. Socalled – You Are Never Alone
11. Sloan – It’s In You, It’s In Me
12. I Mother Earth – Like The Sun

Operation Manatee – Episode 16

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