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Operation Manatee #20: Operation Fam-atee


Despite the requests of our hypothetical lawyers, we’re doing it anyways: Tonight, we have the first ever guest host of Operation Manatee. While Chris is still out of town (I hear he’s recovering from a malicious bear attack), Cory is proud to invite his own brother to join him in the CJTR station, Jordan!

We’re not exactly sure what will come of this, but I would expect a different tone than most other nights… obviously the sultry, smooth tones will be a little different, but Jordan brings the musical yang to Cory’s heavy ying… or something like that… We all know it’s hard to measure up the ying, but it’s always about how you can swing your yang.

Tune in tonight! 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or stream live on

1. Swan Lake – Spanish Gold, 2044
2. Atlas Strategic – Little Black Heart
3. Ugly Casanova – Barnacles
4. Modest Mouse – Classy Plastic Lumber
5. Destroyer – Painter in Your Pocket
6. Wolf Parade – Disco Sheets
7. Moonface – Heartbreaking Bravery
8. Divine Fits – Flaggin’ a Ride
9. Handsome Furs – Sing! Captain
10. Sunset Rubdown – Winged/Wicked Things

Operation Manatee – Episode 20

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