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Operation Manatee #24: Indie Music That Does Not Suck!

The Weeknd
The Weeknd

Yeah, it’s that time – and just as threatened last week, we’re playing indie music. Yes, indie music. Or whatever. Music recorded by independent artists.

Whatever comes to mind when you think “indie”, forget it. This is going to be a selection of awesome stuff that you’ve maybe never heard before or maybe it’s your favourite song by your favourite band that nobody listens to or appreciates or something.

One way or another, it will definitely be worth tuning in from 11:00 to midnight tonight!

1. Rumsfield – Blister
2. Trauma – Some Kind Of Trauma
3. Juliette and the Licks – Comin’ Around
4. The Distillers – I Am A Revenant
5. The Weeknd – Life Of The Party
6. Chevelle – Anticipation
7. Fantômas – Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion
8. The Offspring – Bad Habit
9. Skavenjah – Jackie Chan
10. Wishing Well – As It Was
11. Asian Kung Fu Generation – N.G.S.
12. Joey Bada$$ – Waves

Operation Manatee – Episode 24

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