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Operation Manatee #33: Oh! The BOO-MANATEE!!!!


(snicker) Boo-manatee…

(ahem) It’s the end of October… you know what that means! Spooks and ghosts, zombies and vampires, yessir, it’s HALLOWEEN!

Technically… it’s only October 29… but since I believe in celebrating BEFORE an event instead of after we’re doing it tonight. Chris and Cory have a great hour lined up with some of our favorite Halloween inspired music – spooky songs and maniacal musicians.

Tune in tonight, 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM or by streaming at

1. The Headstones – Cemetery
2. Man Man – Engwish Bwudd
3. Tom Waits – What’s He Building In There?
4. Creature Feature – Dr. Sawbones
5. Jakalope – Badream
6. The Creep Show – The Devil’s Son
7. The Brains – Sweeter Than Wine
8. Coal Chamber – Dark Days
9. White Zombie – I, Zombie
10. The Misfits – Skulls
11. The Faint – Machine In The Ghost

Operation Manatee – Episode 33

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