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Operation Manatee #36: Cory Survived, Chris Flied

Wow… what a week! Apologies all around, as we missed the show last week. Of course, we gave you all fair warning and hopefully you went and took in the show at the Exchange last week as well. Alestorm ROCKED (well… plundered maybe) and TrollfesT and Gypsyhawk were wonderful surprises as well. We’ll have musicContinue reading “Operation Manatee #36: Cory Survived, Chris Flied”

Operation Manatee #35: Because We Can

Tuesday night, all. It kinda sneaked up on you, didn’t it?  Well, fear not, your good friends at Operation Manatee have you covered. We’ve got some heavy stuff, some crazy stuff, some fucking terrible stuff and some stuff stuff lined up for you tonight. Tune in from 11:00 to midnight and follow along on Tweeter.

Operation Manatee #34: There’d Better Be A Damned Good Reason For This Title!

Well, friends, it’s Tuesday again and while Cory and I may not have some fancy theme like last week or earlier in October, it’ll probably be a really good show just because we’re not trying to reach a theme. This week, we can let our hair down, kick our boots off, and really get intoContinue reading “Operation Manatee #34: There’d Better Be A Damned Good Reason For This Title!”