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Operation Manatee #36: Cory Survived, Chris Flied

ImageWow… what a week!

Apologies all around, as we missed the show last week. Of course, we gave you all fair warning and hopefully you went and took in the show at the Exchange last week as well. Alestorm ROCKED (well… plundered maybe) and TrollfesT and Gypsyhawk were wonderful surprises as well. We’ll have music from them in case you did miss out.

Tune in tonight! 11:00 pm at 91.3 FM in Regina or online at > Listen Live.

1. Fuel – Shimmer
2. The Polyphonic Spree – Hold Me Now
3. Daphni – Yes, I Know
4. Death Grips – Anne Bonnie
5. Sebastian Grainger – Going With You
6. Chvrches – Lungs
7. The Beaches – Loner
8. David Wax Museum – Will You Be Sleeping?
9. Gypsy King – Hedge King
10. The Dirty Nil – Nicotine
11. The Specials – Monkey Man

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