Operation Manatee: Chris’ Top 5 Albums Of 2013

1. Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe
2. Knower – Let Go
3. Charles Bradley – Victim Of Love
4. Death Grips – Government Plates
5. The Parlour Trick – A Blessed Unrest
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Operation Manatee #40: The Cure for Holidays

Man-ta Claus


I promise, this will be the last time I say anything about the holidays (for about 12 months). Frankly, Chris is getting sick of Cory mentioning it all the time and as such, has DEMANDED that we go on the air tonight and specifically NOT play Christmas music.

SO… (ho, ho)… We will be on the air later tonight, per schedule, mandated to stay away from the festive music. 11:00 pm to midnight, either terrestrially on 91.3 FM in Regina or anywhere in the world via http://www.cjtr.ca.

Tune in and see what kind of presents we can bestow upon you that don’t require breaking and entering… unless you want.

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Operation Manatee #39: The Cure for Estrogen

The Beards


It’s been discussed, ad nauseam, on Operation Manatee the benefits of a little facial sweater. Especially at this time of year, it acts as a wonderful buffer between the cold air and bare skin. But at this risk, I bring up again the sign of MANLINESS that a beard defines on any man lucky to be able to wear one.

In short summary… Cory is retaining his manliness, while swimming in estrogen that being surrounded with women entails. Now outnumbered 3 to 1, he realizes this is only the start of a life of dolls and tea parties and pop bands and bras… (sigh).

Tune in tonight!  Cory wants to crank up the rock and remember the manly times… lay a foundation for more manly times in the face of estrogen now and forever!

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Operation Manatee #38: More Manatee!


Cory’s got big news! So big, in fact that he won’t even be there in person to tell you on the air. You’ll have to hear it from me!

To celebrate this mysterious big news, I’ve decided to fly solo this week and play all the stuff that Cory hates, but we all know that you love!

Tune in for the new format of the show: Non-Stop Heartfelt Power Ballad!!!!!* Tonight, from 11:00 to midnight, tune in and prepare to wrench that bleeding little heart of yours.

*Please note that this is not actually going to happen and that the show will pretty much continue as normal. It will just involve less witty banter.

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Operation Manatee #37: Snow-Mana-Tree (or one too many puns)

Look closely


It’s there… if you look closely… once you see it, you’ll never UNSEE it…

I’ll just throw this out there – we all dodged a bullet this week. If you listen and believe weather reports, we should all be snowed under and NOTHING should be functioning. But let’s face it… as Saskatchewanians, we’d just dig our way out and what would halt all activity in somewhere like Toronto would be just flakes beneath our boots.

That being said… I prefer less snow in my city and more on my ski-hills any time of the year. Especially now.

Tune in tonight though, as Chris and Cory play music SO HOT, it’s guaranteed** to melt all snow within a block of your radio. 91.3 FM in Regina!


**ok, not REALLY a guarantee… so send your hate mail to Chris…

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