Operation Manatee #38: More Manatee!


Cory’s got big news! So big, in fact that he won’t even be there in person to tell you on the air. You’ll have to hear it from me!

To celebrate this mysterious big news, I’ve decided to fly solo this week and play all the stuff that Cory hates, but we all know that you love!

Tune in for the new format of the show: Non-Stop Heartfelt Power Ballad!!!!!* Tonight, from 11:00 to midnight, tune in and prepare to wrench that bleeding little heart of yours.

*Please note that this is not actually going to happen and that the show will pretty much continue as normal. It will just involve less witty banter.

1. LCD Soundsystem – All I Want
2. Apostle Of Hustle – Dark Is What I Want / Strutter’s Ball
3. Goldfrapp – Slippage
4. Deerhoof – Zero Seconds Pause
5. The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)
6. Nomadic Massive – Take My Space
7. Peeping Tom – Don’t Even Trip
8. MSTRKRFT – Work On You
9. Justice – Genesis
10. Ladytron – Seventeen
11. Braindead Romeo – Starlight Siren

2 thoughts on “Operation Manatee #38: More Manatee!

  1. Heard Zero Seconds Pause on the way home from work tonight and loved it! Just wanted to say you’re show is kick-ass, very glad to have been introduced to Deerhoof!


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