Operation Manatee #44: There Will Be Complaints



While not quite as intimidating as “There Will Be Blood…”, tonight’s episode of Operation Manatee is much more in your face about the foreshadowing than the movie. But this ain’t no Festivus ritual… just straight up, ol’ fashioned grumpiness.

Well… maybe half the grumpiness as normal. Chris is out, borderline dead, so Cory will be grumping on his own! Wait… if that’s 100% grumpiness, but with only half of the grumpers, does that make this week’s show more grumpy per minute? Some, quick tell me what the grump to minute ratio is going to be like… I’m going for the record!

11:00 pm tonight (“That’s so late…”) on 91.3 FM in Regina (“But I live out of town…”) or at http://www.cjtr.ca (“My internet speed sucks…”). TUNE IN!

1. Greenwheel – Strong
2. Fake Club – Bullet Brain
3. Bearvsshark – 5, 6 Kids
4. The Wet Secrets – Nightlife
5. Beat Noir – Muscle Memory
7. Lamb of God – Hourglass
8. Nine Inch Nails – Copy of A
9. July Talk – Guns & Ammunition
10. Matt Good – Prime Time Deliverance (acoustic)
11. Sons of the Sea – Come Together

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