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Operation Manatee #47: A Prize for What Now?

  Now you may just be wondering… what IS the Prism Prize? Why IS it even relevant? What is WITH these ACCents?!? Well, I could tell you now… or you could look online for yourself… OR you could even just tune in with Chris and Cory tonight at 11:00 pm and we’ll tell you. AndContinue reading “Operation Manatee #47: A Prize for What Now?”

Operation Manatee #45: Music is the Cure for the Plague Too!

The plague will not claim him… Death cannot keep him from coming back to the radio. That’s right, after a week of slow, painful, torturous plague-like symptoms, Chris will be back on tonight’s show! Although, Cory demands Purell and respiratory masks on everything with or without a pulse. It’ll be a strange night for music…Continue reading “Operation Manatee #45: Music is the Cure for the Plague Too!”