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Operation Manatee #51: Now That We’re Sober Again…

The Gaslamp Killer
The Gaslamp Killer

Well, we may be sober, and the beer may be back to its usual dark, dark draughty hue, but we’re still here – we’re not dead yet. Setting our fiddles and crosses aside for now, it’s back into full-on Manatime*.

Tune in for what will almost undoubtedly be the best show since last week!

*Oh god! The puns! Why?!

1. Linkin’ Park – Pts.Of.Atharty (Jay Gordon remix)
2. Operation Impact – Jesus, Why’d You Kill My Brother
3. Fucked Up – Paper The House
4. DeVotchKa – All The Sand In The Sea
5. Badbadnotgood – Earl
6. N.A.S.A. feat Tom Waits and Kool Keith – Spacious Thoughts
7. Marijuana Death Squads – Bad Boy Masterpiece
8. The Gaslamp Killer – Impulse
9. Lowell – Cloud 69
10. TV On The Radio – Hours

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