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Operation Manatee – World Earth Day Edition

We here at Operation Manatee feel SO STRONGLY about our wonderful planet and all the various life-forms on it, we are taking the night off! Chris specifically has taken on a host of viruses and bacteria to take up residence in his upper sinuses! What a wonderful human being! But in less-jokey news, yes, weContinue reading “Operation Manatee – World Earth Day Edition”

Operation Manatee #54: So, It’s Ice Cream Season Again, Right?

Ladies and gentlemens, your favourite manatees here to tell you that things are getting better. It’s warm, snow is melting away, concerts are in full force, and there is a ton of new music coming out. Tune in from 11:00 to midnight for what just may prove to be a fucking sweet show!

Manatee Monday Morning Music Mix

Yeah. It’s that day again. Nobody really likes it. Anyone who says they do is a lying bastard.  Here are some tunes, hand-picked by your faithful OpMan hosts to help get you through. 1. Knower – Dreaming On Forever 2. Filter & Crystal Method – Trip Like I Do 3. Portishead – Western Eyes 4.Continue reading “Manatee Monday Morning Music Mix”