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Operation Manatee #67: You Are Rocking With The Best

It’s been a week since Cory’s devastating loss and it’s time to move on. Cory has left the show to “find himself”. I assume he is taking hip hop lessons with Dre right about now. Once he has mastered the art, he’ll be back (next week). In the meantime, you’re stuck with me. Alas, thereContinue reading “Operation Manatee #67: You Are Rocking With The Best”

Cory’s Licking-his-wounds Friday Playlist

I don’t know what’s going wrong with our Rap Battle poll – must be broken… Chris set it up so he must have set it up for him to win somehow… blasphemy… But since I’m not going to be around this Tuesday to complain during our next show, I thought I would leave everyone goingContinue reading “Cory’s Licking-his-wounds Friday Playlist”

This is a Throw Down, A Showdown…

Hells no, we ain’t NEVER going to slow down! It’s going down… again… Round 2 this Tuesday night! If you aren’t familiar with the show, last year Chris ill-advisedly played a Kayne West song on a weekly episode. Much debate ensued and Cory began a tirade… this lead to the first Operation Manatee Rap Battle, whereContinue reading “This is a Throw Down, A Showdown…”