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This is a Throw Down, A Showdown…

Hells no, we ain’t NEVER going to slow down!

It’s going down… again… Round 2 this Tuesday night!

If you aren’t familiar with the show, last year Chris ill-advisedly played a Kayne West song on a weekly episode. Much debate ensued and Cory began a tirade… this lead to the first Operation Manatee Rap Battle, where we played our choice cuts of rap tracks that were BETTER than Kayne.

It’s obvious, Cory won that battle…

It was so much fun, we promised to do it again. Here we go! This Tuesday, July 8, we’ll be bringing the phat beats back for an hour of epic rap traxxx!

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Just a reminder, 6 votes for Chris were more than 3 for Cory.

Here is Cory’s brutal knockout:

Not even Cory's girly sweater could save him.

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