Operation Manatee #66: Rap Battle Part II

This is it, folks. It’s been a long time coming and tonight is finally the night. The second annual Operation Manatee Rap Battle happens tonight at 11:00.

Tune in and let us know who is winning the battle right here on the blog.

Chris: 9
Cory: 6

1. Run DMC – It’s Tricky (Chris)
2. Ursa Maja – Bonnie & Clyde (Cory)
3. Saul Williams – Scared Money (Chris)
4. Duckwrth – Time (Cory)
5. Maestro Fresh Wes – Untouchable (Chris)
6. CyHi the Prince – Be Great (Cory)
7. De La Soul – Potholes In My Lawn (Chris)
8. Michael Christmas – Broke And Young (Cory)
9. Chris’ Operation Manatee Live Rap over Xperiment – Cratehead Opus (Chris)
10. Good Googly Moogly (Cory)
11. The Rascalz – Temptation (Chris)


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