Operation Manatee #73: The Wubbening

Tonight, for one night only: Operation Manatee dives into the deep end of electronic music. Will there be dubstep? Oh we’ll step your dub. Will there be house? Just enough to live in. Ambient? No clever pun or saying here. Just yes.

There’s a lot of cool electro stuff out there these days. Tune in from 11:00 to midnight to hear everything we can get into an hour.

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Operation Manatee #72: What’s That, You Say? You Have Time For Another?

Glad you could stick around. Pour yourself a drink, turn up the radio and enjoy something a little loud for your Tuesday evening.
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Operation Manatee #71: Folk Me? Folk You!

It’s the week after Folk Fest and I am already going through withdrawal. Tonight’s show will be kinda like any other, but it will include some of the noisier artists from Folk Fest. So there.
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Operation Manatee #70: Pepper Your Harlan

Your trusty local manatees here. Tune in tonight from 11:00 to midnight for some pretty cool music and possibly even some fire or something. Which, itself, is pretty cool, considering it’s a radio program.
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