Operation Manatee #82: How Much Spook Could a Spooktacle Spook?

It’s spooky Halloween time again!┬áThe temperature is dropping rapidly and the air has a spooky vibe floating around. Even the trees do their best spooky skeleton impressions as they strip for the winter. Tonight, we choose some spooky tracks to get you in the mood for this weekend’s spooktacular fun. Tune in, if you DARE…Continue reading “Operation Manatee #82: How Much Spook Could a Spooktacle Spook?”

Operation Manatee #80: Drugs Don’t Make Music Good, But They Sure Do… Wait, What?

You’re probably wondering what the hell is going on in this great age of ignorance is bliss. Don’t forget me not even half the cup of tea for two ways to leave the trees. The Creepshow to midnight tonight from 11 the best show up in the morning of the night. Also, tune in fromContinue reading “Operation Manatee #80: Drugs Don’t Make Music Good, But They Sure Do… Wait, What?”

Operation Manatee #79: Remember That Time We Brought In A Whole Band?

Yeah, that never happened, and tonight is not that night either. Petty good chance we’ll play some music you’ll think is pretty cool though. Tune in tonight (11:00 to midnight) for the best Operation Manatee since last week!

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