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Operation Manatee #107: StudyStudystudystudystudy…

That’s right fanatees! It’s BICYCLE WEATHER!! And this wonderous beauty is the Mikazuki 5! Owned by freeter Kintaro Oe, it travels all across this city in search of life lessons and good times… er… wait… It might be Chris’ bike… Tune in tonight as we unravel the mystery behind the origins of this more-than-metal saviorContinue reading “Operation Manatee #107: StudyStudystudystudystudy…”

Apologies Fan-atees!

Hey everyone, Apologies for the later notice, but tonight’s Operation Manatee will be postponed until next week, due to WILD plague conditions ripping through the streets, tearing away FLESH and eating our BRAINS… Or you know… terrible allergies… they feel about the same. We’ll be back next week for your musical tastes and needs. HugsContinue reading “Apologies Fan-atees!”

Operation Manatee #106: Lessons in Containing the Plague

Man… cocaine is a hell of a drug… I feel like I’ve lost the last two weeks… Wait a second… I DID lose the last two weeks… But to be fair, last week wasn’t REALLY part of a coke-fuelled binge through the south-eastern US of A. No, the vast majority of the night was spentContinue reading “Operation Manatee #106: Lessons in Containing the Plague”