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Operation Manatee #107: StudyStudystudystudystudy…

That’s right fanatees! It’s BICYCLE WEATHER!!

And this wonderous beauty is the Mikazuki 5! Owned by freeter Kintaro Oe, it travels all across this city in search of life lessons and good times… er… wait…

It might be Chris’ bike…

Tune in tonight as we unravel the mystery behind the origins of this more-than-metal savior of the world! 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM, CJTR in Regina!

1. Eisley – Marvellous Things
2. Fucked Up – Into The Light
3. Tanya Tagaq – Uja
4. Dosh – Gare de lyon
5. Foo Fighters – In The Clear
6. Pattern Is Movement – The Silence Of The Trees
7. Reverend Horton Heat – Beer, Write This This Song
8. Comeback Kid – Do Yourself A Favour
9. Quique Escamilla – Presa Facil

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