Operation Manatee #111: All I Can Say, My Life is Pretty Plain…

We here at Operation Manatee recognize that it is only May, however there seems to be a disconnect between what we expect in “May weather” and what we’re being given by the grand harlot of the trees…

Cory has always said that in a world of druthers, he’druther it be cold because you can always add layers to warm up. There’s only so many layers you can strip off to cool down before it becomes a felony.

But hot days turn into beautiful evenings, so stay up and listen to us at 11:00 pm on CJTR in Regina. 91.3 FM… we’ll play something hot… or mellow and cool, whatever you might prefer.

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Operation Manatee #109: No, You’re Last Minute…

Greetings to everyone, youngercized and oldundated!

Can you smell what’s in the air? It’s probably mostly dust and pollen, but if you smell really hard, you might be able to catch a whiff of summer! This weekend kicks off the unofficial summer with May long come early this year. And if you’re really lucky, summer also kicks off some great music festivals and concerts.

Alas, Regina is not lucky… at least, not in festival-ia. But they are lucky because Chris and Cory will be broadcasting live on 91.3 FM, CJTR in mere half-hours! Tune in!!

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Operation Manatee #108: Keeping It Simple

Tune in tonight for unabashed greatness! ¬†I know I pulled out a few classics with the new stuff, and I’m sure Cory has some guilty pleasures among the new finds.

Whatever happens, we guarantee it will be the best (read: only) live programming available in Regina!

11:00 to midnight.

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