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Operation Manatee #119: Rap Battlez Fo’ Life!!

We’ve been telling you for weeks… this was coming hard… like, some kind of swinging, metallic orb on a chain… a ball of some kind… Wait… wrong genre? What? Oh yeah… we’re here for the helluvit, the smelluvit… It’s time for another showdown as we pick music in a throwdown… but we have a twistContinue reading “Operation Manatee #119: Rap Battlez Fo’ Life!!”

Da Trilogy… AKA, Cory Tries Again…

Tomorrow night is the main event! In what has become the hottest Operation Manatee event of the year, Chris and Cory are back to battle it out with epicz rapz songz… But wait… we have a twist!! We each work with people much more schooled in the art of hip-hop than we are, so toContinue reading “Da Trilogy… AKA, Cory Tries Again…”

Operation Manatee #118: Doldrums of Midsummer

If there’s ever one thing to miss from childhood, it’s probably that summer was a completely free time to be able to do whatever you wanted. The warm weather really pushed you outside, you had vacations to be excited about… The warm weather the last few days has really driven home these memories. People nowadaysContinue reading “Operation Manatee #118: Doldrums of Midsummer”

Operation Manatee #117: I Got Wood

-en Deck!! I Got Wooden Deck!! It’s amazing the amount of work you can actually get done in a short weekend… especially when being prodded to get it done! Seriously, it’s like the only way I can get yard work done anymore – with someone holding a shovel over my head and shears to my…um…Continue reading “Operation Manatee #117: I Got Wood”

Operation Manatee #116: You Know What This Means

It’s a solo show!! Cory is going to be broadcasting with the ones and the twos as Chris is off tonight… And where might he be?? Well… this past weekend, he had a special little party called a “wedding” and this week he’s off gallivanting in Calgary – amongst other things, *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*Continue reading “Operation Manatee #116: You Know What This Means”