Operation Manatee #119: Rap Battlez Fo’ Life!!

We’ve been telling you for weeks… this was coming hard… like, some kind of swinging, metallic orb on a chain… a ball of some kind…

Wait… wrong genre? What?

Oh yeah… we’re here for the helluvit, the smelluvit… It’s time for another showdown as we pick music in a throwdown… but we have a twist to the skills to give you all mad thrills!

Tune in at 10:00 for a special 2-hour Operation Manatee on 91.3 FM in Regina or http://www.cjtr.ca.

Word to your mothers.

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Da Trilogy… AKA, Cory Tries Again…

Tomorrow night is the main event! In what has become the hottest Operation Manatee event of the year, Chris and Cory are back to battle it out with epicz rapz songz…

But wait… we have a twist!!

We each work with people much more schooled in the art of hip-hop than we are, so to switch things up this year we have tasked those folks with some “genres” of rap. Now that we have a list, we are each picking a “champion” of that genre to go head to head.

But wait… there’s more!!

We also are annexing an EXTRA HOUR OF SHOW!! Unfortunately The Rock Diner is off this week, but that means we’re going to start a full hour earlier to get in the maximum amount of rapz… so this week, 10 to midnight!!

Tune in and listen… then we’ll make you vote. If you are into Twitter, follow along @OpManatee and give us live play by play on how we’re doing.

PS – If you want to see the previous two results, here you go:
Da Foist:  http://operationmanatee.ninja/2013/06/operation-manatee-15-epic-rap-battle-to-the-death/
Der Secund:  http://operationmanatee.ninja/2014/07/operation-manatee-66-rap-battle-part-ii/

Operation Manatee #118: Doldrums of Midsummer

If there’s ever one thing to miss from childhood, it’s probably that summer was a completely free time to be able to do whatever you wanted. The warm weather really pushed you outside, you had vacations to be excited about…

The warm weather the last few days has really driven home these memories. People nowadays can’t afford to take the vacation time to just relax and unwind. IF there’s vacation time, there’s never enough of it and soon it’s back to work until the next brief vacation.

This leads… to the summertime blues…

Join us tonight at 11:00 on 91.3 FM in Regina as we mellow out in the summer warmth.

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Operation Manatee #117: I Got Wood

-en Deck!! I Got Wooden Deck!!

It’s amazing the amount of work you can actually get done in a short weekend… especially when being prodded to get it done! Seriously, it’s like the only way I can get yard work done anymore – with someone holding a shovel over my head and shears to my…um… hedge…

Anyways, CHRIS IS BACK!! Fresh off a refreshing trip to Calgary for some TLC (awwww, I should have played that…) we have a brand new show with Manatee goodness and not a lot of innuendo… Unless you like innuendo… then, there will be an adequate amount!!

Tune in at 11:00 pm, on 91.3 FM in Regina!!

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Operation Manatee #116: You Know What This Means

It’s a solo show!! Cory is going to be broadcasting with the ones and the twos as Chris is off tonight…

And where might he be?? Well… this past weekend, he had a special little party called a “wedding” and this week he’s off gallivanting in Calgary – amongst other things, *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

So as a special homage to the wedding and the fun that comes after, Cory’s going to play some sweet, smooth, snuggling-tunes, if you catch the drift. Tune in at 11:00!

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