Operation Manatee #122: The Not-Nearly-As-Talented

It’s that time again folks! Another Tuesday has come, bit us on the back of our knee and ran off with the spoon. It may or may not have actually happened that way, but if you can’t prove it didn’t, then it obviously might have.

There’s lots of things we could say right now, but then you may not want to listen later… and we can’t have that. Community radio in Regina demands that you turn in on 91.3 FM in Regina at 11:00 pm and hear it for yourselves!!

Just don’t tell your lawyer what you hear… it’ll make you look crazy and neither of us wants that…

1. Mounties – Headphones
2. Deerhoof – Exit Only
3. White Lungs – Down It Goes
4. The Prodigy – Diesel Power
5. Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice
6. Scarlett Johansson – Falling Down
7. Sister Grey – Burn This Disco
8. Slow Down, Molasses – Late Night Radio
9. Ludo – Such As It Ends
10. Pinn Pannelle – Ghosts & Liars

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