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Operation Manatee #124: I Can’t Even. Wait, yes I can.

Tonight you will be guided through the late-night airwaves be me, Chris – the more handsome of your two invisible radio hosts. Cory is away, on a soul-searching journey, to Madrid, Spain. Or maybe Elbow, Saskatchewan. I’m not sure. Wasn’t really paying attention.

One way or another, tune in from 11:00 to midnight for something a little different. Perhaps darker than the shows to which you have become accustomed. Or not. Haven’t decided yet.

1. Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers
2. Coal Chamber – Rivals
3. Buffy Sainte-marie – It’s My Way
4. TV On The Radio – Happy Idiot
5. Socalled – You Are Never Alone
6. Scott Walker – Epozootics!
7. AFX – Neotekt72
8. Buck 65 – Superstars Don’t Love
9. Panacea – Highly Developed

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