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Happy Halloween!!

Have a happy and safe Halloween this weekend all you Manafreaks! Tonight’s show is unfortunately cancelled, but we’ll be back at our same regular time next week with some great new music as we kick off the Christmas season!! Just kidding… but it IS getting cold out there… just sayin’…

Operation Manatee #129: The Simple Pleasures

Sigh… Kids today are never going to fully appreciate or understand the simple things on TV. A man, wearing a turkey, relying mostly on physical comedy instead of a dirty, innuendo-ridden joke involving a turkey. I miss the simple times… Tune in tonight, as we continue our October broadcasting schedule. It’s the last time thatContinue reading “Operation Manatee #129: The Simple Pleasures”

Operation Manatee #128: Unashamed Male Love

The title sounds much more salacious than we actually mean… but without a doubt, Cory has a borderline-unhealthy love for a couple of rappers from Atlanta/NYC. But as long as they keep pumping out good music, we can all get on board and love them together… then it’s less weird, right? Group male love? WaitContinue reading “Operation Manatee #128: Unashamed Male Love”