Operation Manatee #128: Unashamed Male Love

The title sounds much more salacious than we actually mean… but without a doubt, Cory has a borderline-unhealthy love for a couple of rappers from Atlanta/NYC. But as long as they keep pumping out good music, we can all get on board and love them together… then it’s less weird, right? Group male love? Wait a second…

Tune in tonight! At 11:00 pm, Regina time, to hear Cory and Chris bring love and good music to the city, in a way that only community radio can bring.

And of course, thanks to ALL Radiothon sponsors. If you haven’t donated yet, you definitely still have time. Just check out http://www.cjtr.ca.

1. Nada Surf – Psychic Caramel
2. Muse – The Handler
3. Finger Eleven – Suffocate
4. Protomartyr – 580 Memories
5. Run The Jewels – Rubble Kings (Dynamite On The Street)
6. Saul Williams – Horn Of The Clock-Bike
7. Chuckie Nugget – (And They) Say OT Ain’t So
8. Chloroform – Imaginary Girlfriend
9. Money Shot – Blades Of Steel
10. Lee Harvey Osmond – Shake The Hand

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