Operation Manatee #129: The Simple Pleasures

Sigh… Kids today are never going to fully appreciate or understand the simple things on TV. A man, wearing a turkey, relying mostly on physical comedy instead of a dirty, innuendo-ridden joke involving a turkey.

I miss the simple times…

Tune in tonight, as we continue our October broadcasting schedule. It’s the last time that we’ll be able to lecture everyone about voting for at least 4 more months (and then the provincial election will kick in). We’ll make it worth your time… promise!

11:00 pm, 91.3 FM in Regina or http://www.cjtr.ca online streaming!

1. Finger Eleven – Sense Of A Spark
2. Death Grips – Anne Bonny
3. Gorillaz – Faust
4. Dengue Fever – Cardboard Castles
5. They Might Be Giants – Your Racist Friend
6. Caribou – Jamelia
7. Destroyer – Painter In Your Pocket
8. Cadence Weapon – Those Sliders
9. Bloc Party – The Love Within
10. How To Destroy Angels – Parasite

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