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Operation Manatee #138

It’s a sad time for music and creative art. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed social media loose its shit this bad before over the death of an artist. I must keep good company.

We’re not going to go Bowie-crazy here tonight, but there will definitely be a small tribute, in typical Manatee fashion, surrounded by lots of other sonic goodness.

Tune in from 11:00 to midnight for the only live programming in Regina, this time of night.

1. Hawksley Workman – Jealous Of Your Cigarette
2. Matmos – Ultimate Care II Except Eight
3. My Chemical Romance – Drowning Lessons
4. CAIRO – With You
5. David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails – I’m Afraid Of Americans
6. David Bowie – Heroes (Phillip Glass & Aphex Twin Remix)
7. Timber Timbre – Bring Me Simple Men
8. Chelsea Wolfe – Grey Days

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