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Operation Manatee #163

Drugsdrugdrugsdrugsdrugsdrugsdigsudgrusgdurgsusdgrirgsusvehdgdhegsheggshsgdurgsgdurger. Chris doesn’t have enough drugs to do radio. But he’ll do it because he loves you. Cory thinks you’re okay too. Tune in from 11:00 to midnight. Don’t do drugs. Like… Not the bad kind. Fuck it. Do drugs. They make life better and you cooler. Or just listen to Operation Manatee. Whichever.

Operation Manatee #162

Rain or shine, apparently. 11:00 to midnight. 1. MIA – Go Off 2. Saul Williams – Down For Some Ignorance (MONO/POLY remix) 3. Crystal Castles – Concrete 4. Snowblink – Feel Like A Man 5. Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Trick Harpoon Stare Of Baby 6. Space Dimension Controller – Scollege Campus 7. Prophets Of RageContinue reading “Operation Manatee #162”