Operation Manatee #171: 2016 Radiothon Special – Operation Mystery Music Theatre

Just as Cory promised, tonight is the big 2016 Radiothon special!

Regina Community Radio has been providing Regina’s only alternative radio for 15 years now. This week is the one time of the year we ask for you to give back! Tune in from 11:00 to midnight for some very special programming, and don’t forget to dig deep into your pockets and make a pledge to the station we all know and love!

Donate either at cjtr.ca, or call the Radiothon hotline at 306-525-7274.

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Announcing: Operation Mystery Music Theatre – Radiothon Special

Yes, something like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but with music. Operation Manatee hosts Chris and Cory are going to play some songs and reminisce about goofy fads, crazy musicians and anything else that comes to mind with a mic-on policy for maximal commentary throughout the hour.

So what does this mean? We’re going to put on some songs and talk at the same time? For fans of MST3K, you know the drill – for the rest of you, tune in at 11:00 pm tomorrow night to find out!

Operation Manatee #168

Where would you be without us? Listening to those other guys? Of course not. There are no other guys programming live radio on a Tuesday night, in Regina. F’ril.

So tune in, sit down, sing along, and… I don’t know… maybe call yer gramma and get her to tune in, ’cause your gram’s hip.

11:00 to midnight. You know what to do.

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