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Eaten Opiate Manor #4 + What Planet Is This?! Show #290

Whooooa! Could this be a Tossback Tuesday (a coin I termed, just now, without internet help)? It sure could be. Ladies and gentlemen, back from the dead, for just one show only, because Cory won’t be there to defend the station, I present to you: a little taste of yesteryear… For those who don’t know,Continue reading “Eaten Opiate Manor #4 + What Planet Is This?! Show #290”

Operation Manatee #182

Working late? Can’t sleep? Have to beat that level (do games have levels anymore?)? Well, high five, motherfuckers! Get out those headphones, pour yourself a drink of something nice, and turn it up (but not too much – you’re wearing headphones – take care of yourself, for fuck’s sake)! Tune in tonight from 11:00 toContinue reading “Operation Manatee #182”


There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. (Cohen) This has been a fucked up year for music. We weren’t ready for Bowie to go, we didn’t see it coming with Prince, we thought Sharon Jones had it beat… Even with the old-timers – part of me thought Leonard Cohen wouldContinue reading “OPERATION MANATEE MUSIC PRIZE 2016: THE LONG LIST”