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Operation Manatee #182

Working late? Can’t sleep? Have to beat that level (do games have levels anymore?)? Well, high five, motherfuckers!

Get out those headphones, pour yourself a drink of something nice, and turn it up (but not too much – you’re wearing headphones – take care of yourself, for fuck’s sake)!

Tune in tonight from 11:00 to midnight.

1. The USS – Us
2. Extroverts – Pretty Fascist
3. David Bowie – Fame
4. Kishi Bashi – Why Don’t You Answer Me
5. Dropkick Murphys – I Hat A Hat
6. Gojira – Silvera
7. The Dirty Nil – Zombie-Eyed
8. The Deep Dark Woods – The Winter Hours
9. Gringo Starr – Get Closer
10. Ace Tee – Bist du down?

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