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Operation Manatee #200!!!

Wooooooo! Tingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingting!!!!

That’s right, y’all. It’s somehow the 200th show (or so). Tune in for what could be amazing, and what equally could be a train wreck.

1. Scum – The Sinods Burning
2. Iced Earth – Great Heathen Army
3. Comeback Kid – Absolute
4. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – Don’t Turn Me Off
5. 3 – Dregs
6. Del Bel – Sails Of Gold
7. The Jerry Can – Makiliqta
8. Sylvan Esso – Signal
9. Igorrr – Houmous
10. Saul Williams – List Of Demands
11. Moon Face – Prairie Boy

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