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Operation Manatee #208: An Influx of New

Is that time of year again; summer is (virtually) officially over, the leaves are starting to change and young folk are going back to school (suckers). But it also seems as things are ending, there is a large amount of great new music that’s just beginning. This past week seems to have started a smallContinue reading “Operation Manatee #208: An Influx of New”

Operation Manatee #207 – Cory Creates on the Fly

Yes, yes… I was busy this afternoon with yard work… not this evening… semantics! Anyways, we are here and we are live! Playing some great music on community radio. In fact, right now are a great young Canadian  band who  could use a plug… so they are our featured image for tonight; Courage My Love!Continue reading “Operation Manatee #207 – Cory Creates on the Fly”

Operation Manatee #206: Folk me? No, Folk you!

In case you missed it yesterday, Chris posted his annual Operation Manatee Regina Folk Festival survival guide. If you’re going to attend, check it out to prepare for all things you’ll need to bring in order to survive the weekend. And to get you all amped up, tonight we’ll be playing some music from thisContinue reading “Operation Manatee #206: Folk me? No, Folk you!”

Operation Manatee Presents Regina Folk Fest Survival Guide 2017

Regina sucks! This is a mantra I used to hear, growing up. Kids my age were generally sad (and somewhat misinformed) that there was little to nothing going on in Regina. To be fair, there used to be far less going on than there is now. I don’t hear these exact words anymore (different vibe,Continue reading “Operation Manatee Presents Regina Folk Fest Survival Guide 2017”

Operation Manatee #205: Polarity Ensues

Last time… on Operation Manatee; Cory: Tune in next week for an in-depth look at the Polaris Short List. Now; Cory: Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in. Tonight, we’re going to dive into the Polaris Prize short list. It was announced when we were off for a week, mid-July so we didn’t get to itContinue reading “Operation Manatee #205: Polarity Ensues”