Operation Manatee #208: An Influx of New

Is that time of year again; summer is (virtually) officially over, the leaves are starting to change and young folk are going back to school (suckers). But it also seems as things are ending, there is a large amount of great new music that’s just beginning.

This past week seems to have started a small avalanche of expected new albums, headed up with new Queens of the Stone Age. But that’s not all, as we will explore on this evening’s show.

Tune in soon – 11 pm – on 91.3 FM CJTR community radio in Regina.

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Operation Manatee #207 – Cory Creates on the Fly

Yes, yes… I was busy this afternoon with yard work… not this evening… semantics!

Anyways, we are here and we are live! Playing some great music on community radio. In fact, right now are a great young Canadian  band who  could use a plug… so they are our featured image for tonight; Courage My Love!

You all better be listening now!

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Operation Manatee #206: Folk me? No, Folk you!

In case you missed it yesterday, Chris posted his annual Operation Manatee Regina Folk Festival survival guide. If you’re going to attend, check it out to prepare for all things you’ll need to bring in order to survive the weekend.

And to get you all amped up, tonight we’ll be playing some music from this year’s crop of artists and maybe some of our favorites from the past. We got your Preparation H*, ready for you at 11:00 pm tonight!


*by Preparation H, we meaning “hearing”… not that other stuff… that’s just painful.

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Operation Manatee Presents Regina Folk Fest Survival Guide 2017

Regina sucks! This is a mantra I used to hear, growing up. Kids my age were generally sad (and somewhat misinformed) that there was little to nothing going on in Regina. To be fair, there used to be far less going on than there is now.

I don’t hear these exact words anymore (different vibe, different tribe perhaps), but Regina has still seems to have a reputation for being an uneventful small town, among some of the people who live here, but definitely among people in bigger centers.

We know better. There’s Cathedral Village Arts Festival (one of the largest arts festivals in Canada, by the way), Mosaic, Fringe Fest, Bazaart, Market Under The Stars, a plethora of arts trade shows each year, not to mention so much live music, you constantly have to pick which shows you can make and which you have to skip, every single night of the week. For a relatively small city, we’ve go a lot of music and art going on!

Well, it’s time again for my personal favourite of several well-liked annual arts events: Regina Folk Festival is just a few short days away! This festival is just lovely! I pretty much walk around like a big, dumb kid, with a big ol’ smile on my face, the whole time! You see dozens of artists, big-and-small, there are free workshops throughout the weekend, people are dancing, there’s yet another big arts market, you run into people you haven’t seen in ages, or people you only seem to see at Folk Fest (looking at you, Echo), and you get to do it all outside, in our quaint little Victoria Park, right downtown! I’m smiling already.

Each year, I see some ill-equipped, lovely festival goers, so this one is for you!

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Curious About Jazz?

Cory is curious. This is nothing new. But today, he gets to explore that curiosity and you can all hear the results.

Today from 4:00 to 6:00, Cory is filling in for Trent on Alone Together, a weekly jazz show during drive home time. Hopefully, if you have some daytime hours, you can tune in and check it out.

91.3 FM in Regina or stream online from http://www.cjtr.ca or with the wonderful CJTR mobile app.

Operation Manatee #205: Polarity Ensues

Last time… on Operation Manatee;
Cory: Tune in next week for an in-depth look at the Polaris Short List.

Cory: Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in. Tonight, we’re going to dive into the Polaris Prize short list. It was announced when we were off for a week, mid-July so we didn’t get to it before. Let’s look at it now!

/receive Oscar for writing. SQUEE!!
Tune in tonight at 11:00 pm, only on 91.3 FM in Regina or by using the CJTR mobile phone app!

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