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Operation Manatee #212 – Have I Got a Deal for You…

So… you’re new to community radio, are you? You aren’t much of a night owl, are you? Well… brother (or sister), you’re missing out. There’s a great little show, called Operation Manatee on Tuesday nights at 11:00 pm. It’s hosted by Chris and Cory and they are wondrous curators of music.. you won’t waste yourContinue reading “Operation Manatee #212 – Have I Got a Deal for You…”

Operation Manatee #210 – We Want to Float Too

All the rage right now really seems to be on “It”, the new remake of an old TV miniseries based on a slightly older book. Not for nothing, but it IS just another remake. We can do better people! But that also said, we love balloons. How can you not love balloons? So come floatContinue reading “Operation Manatee #210 – We Want to Float Too”

Operation Manatee #209 – Chill in the Air

Can you feel it? No, it’s not me… no, it’s not that weird dude across from you either. It’s the air… it’s… cold now. Like summer is almost over and we transition back to the same weather as 10 other months in our year. Don’t believe me? It was 2 FREAKING DEGREES OVER NIGHT! However,Continue reading “Operation Manatee #209 – Chill in the Air”