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Operation Manatee #217 – T-PAngel

Here is the man of some miraculous pipes. As Chris learned earlier today, T-Pain is a man of many talents, including some bonafide vocal talents. The man that really made auto-tune famous CAN indeed sing.

Man, it’s been a looooooong winter so far hey? I am really looking forward to that spring thaw right around the cor- wait.. huh? This is just the start? It’s only been THREE WEEKS?!?

Oh man… just… oh man…….

1. Jessie Roper – Red Bird
2. Sylvan Esso – Die Young
3. Trollfest – Steel Sarah
4. The Souljazz Orchestra – Holla Holla
5. Port Cities – In The Dark
6. Shugo Tokumaru – Lita-Ruta
7. Alan Rayman – 13
8. Chromeo – Juice
9. Cherry Glazerr – Trash People
10. Goldfrapp – Zodiac Black

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