Operation Manatee #221 – And That’s a Wrap…

Here we are, we made it! Another great year around the sun! We hope that you’ve had just as much fun and good fortune as we have and here’s hoping next year gets even better!

Yeah, we know there’s still 2 weeks left in the year, but this is the last show of 2017 and we will be looking back at the releases from this year that got us super excited. Tune in for a rewind of all the great 2017 music.

1. Run The Jewels – Call Ticketron
2. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Orion
3. Death From Above – Nomad
4. Loyle Carner – The Isle Of Arran
5. Seether – Saviors
6. The Deep Dark Woods – The Winter Has Passed
7. Busty & The Bass – Up Top
8. Nick Mulvey – Mountain To Move
9. At The Drive In – Call Broken Arrow
10. Bernice – Gemini

Operation Manatee #220 – Snowtans!

It’s been a real mish-mash of weathers lately. Some days, we should just huddle up and stay warm… other days, it’s time to bust out the tankinis and catch some frost-rays! Um.. thanks Obama..?

For our second last show of the year… we plan to do most of the same as the rest of the shows of the year! Consistency is what we strive for in successful operations.

But you should still tune in and catch up on some of the newest releases you might have missed. What else do you have to do anyways; the sun has gone down for the night! 91.3 FM in Regina or http://www.cjtr.ca online.

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OpMan 219

1. Green Day – Welcome To Paradise
2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love
3. Peach Pit – Being So Normal
4. IDLES – Well Done
5. The Faceless – (Instra)mental Illness
6. Tei Shi – Creep
7. The Elwins – Hey! Yeah, You
8. Lee Renaldo – Artifacts (Of You)
9. Glassjaw – Shira
10. Arcade Fire – Peter Pan
11. Royal Canoe & Little Scream – Painted For Us