Pioneer Eat An Atom #8

Wanderers of night, dwellers of dark, thinkers of thought, drinkers of tea: heed my call.

Tonight, let’s explore a bit of what makes the nighttime nice. I’ve got a few nice, dark tracks to bring you into the evening, including a pick or two from the Operation Manatee Long List, some that didn’t make that cut, and others that we just haven’t enjoyed in a while.

Tune in from 11:00 to midnight, tonight, pour that cup of something nice, put on those headphones, and enjoy!

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Operation Manatee Music Prize: Top 5 Albums of 2017

I’ve mentioned a few times that, especially compared to 2016, 2017 just didn’t have as much good music released. While lacking in quantity, though, the quality was there, as a handful of exceptional recordings were released.

Below, allow me to present you with the year’s top five:

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Operation Manatee #223 – Let Us Listen

Just another rainy January evening… wait… what?

Take care out there in everywhere you might be travelling. It’s not a nice time. But if you can’t drive carefully, then at least drive fast. If you don’t get home quick, then at least you’ll likely get off the road quickly for the rest of us.

For everyone else, snuggle up with your favorite blanket and listening devices and tune in to our happy little show. We’re about to start, so hurry and find those gizmos! 91.3 FM in Regina or on the world-wide web.

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Operation Manatee #222 – Time to Start Anew

It’s the second brand new day of the new year and don’t you just feel like conquering that mountain? Or at least, cleaning that toilet bowl?

If you’re still in bender-mode and need some ass-kicking tunes to keep the party going, just tune in to 91.3 FM in Regina for the FIRST BRAND NEW SHOW of Operation Manatee of 2018! We’ll tell you all sorts of motivational things and cliches. We’re great at cliches!

But just what kind of cliches; well, you’ll have to tune in for that.

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No longer must you wait to be informed of what were the best albums released this year; the long awaited, highly revered Operation Manatee Music Prize is finally here!

Because I went a little nuts with this list last year, and because 2016 saw so damned many good albums compared to this year, I’ve dialed it back a bit. Instead of this year’s 100 best albums, this list will only grow as long as needed, and will likely be pared more liberally. Frankly, 2017 just didn’t have as many great releases as last year.

However, that’s not to say that there wasn’t still plenty of great music released.

Previous lists, for reference:
2016-long | 2016-top 5
2015-long | 2015-top 5

The list below is ordered by artist last name or band/artist/act name, in the case of artists crazy enough to release more than one work this year (looking at you, Dear Criminals… and wft, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard?), they are listed first by act name, then by release order.

Got that?

Good. That said, I give you the 2017 Operation Manatee Long List: