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Pioneer Eat An Atom #8

Wanderers of night, dwellers of dark, thinkers of thought, drinkers of tea: heed my call.

Tonight, let’s explore a bit of what makes the nighttime nice. I’ve got a few nice, dark tracks to bring you into the evening, including a pick or two from the Operation Manatee Long List, some that didn’t make that cut, and others that we just haven’t enjoyed in a while.

Tune in from 11:00 to midnight, tonight, pour that cup of something nice, put on those headphones, and enjoy!

1. Alice Coltrane – Journey To Satchidananda
2. Daniel Caesar – Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song)
3. Christine Leakey – Shine My Tarnished Sheen
4. The Barr Brothers – The Bear At The Window
5. Kid Koala feat. EmilĂ­ana Torrini- Collapser
6. Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner, James McAlister – Jupiter
7. AFX – Boxing Day

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