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Operation Manatee #230 – More Fun Than This

It’s hard to party on a Tuesday night, which means you can only have so much fun and still be functional for the next weekday. Of course, it’s also relative to your age and disposable income.

But you can always find some enjoyment in a puzzle. Not only do they look nice, but you can legitimately eat up DAYS worth of time. Young and old can work together – it transcends race and sex, age and IQ.

And yes, it’s absolutely more fun than being puked on by a toddler… wildly more fun. Shame I don’t own any puzzles…

But you can tune in tonight and listen to 91.3 FM regardless of your agenda of fun. Although now I hope you will enjoy a puzzle and listen in.

1. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
2. Son Lux – Dream State
3. Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Holy War
4. Psychic Friend – We Do Not Belong
5. Bahamas – No Expectation
6. ShinNoxTiMT – I May Cry
7. Hey Ocean! – Sleepwalker
8. The Dreadnaughts – Foreign Skies
9. Kugero – Love & Hate
10. Cosmo Sheldrake – Wriggle

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